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LN is a pagan/viking metal band from Newcastle UK, creating a new and exciting sound within the metal genre. Their love for vikings and self proclamation of Witchery; fused together JUST MAKE SENSE. Drawing inspiration from outstanding artists such as Spiritbox, Ice Nine Kills, Heilung, Skald, Hayley Williams, Nightwish and Ghost; fusing metal and Norse folk together and consequently forming a unique sound and causing perfect chaos in the metal scene.

In 2022, LN released their debut single, ‘Hangman's Son’. Heavy riffs, poetic folk components with dark lyrics demonstrates not only the insane fusion of genres and songwriting talent, but also illustrates the importance of self belief and power when you’re in a dark place and the ability to get yourself out and push onto to a brighter and healthier future. The figure of the hangman in both ‘Hangman’s Son’ and their second single (the second chapter in the trilogy) ‘A.S.Y.L.U.M’ is used to personify that bad energy or looming feeling of dread one has when struggling with personal issues – the idea of fighting this being, overcoming the darkness and using that 

strength to become the best version of yourself. This is something that everyone can relate to and to be able to visually and audibly represent this, is so incredibly important. The third and final song of the trilogy ‘The Slaughter’ is set to be released in 2023. This chapter signifies the end of the ‘bad times’, the end of the abuse, the end of suffering and the regain of power and self-worth and using it to create a future of YOUR choosing, that you have manifested and deserve. The music video for ‘The Slaughter’ shows the rawness and sheer brutality of female empowerment and what we females can achieve when we put our minds to it.

To date, LN have supported the insanely talented Cam Cole at Think Tank in Newcastle, performed at This Is Tomorrow Festival, Tynemouth's Surf Cafe (alongside artists such as Sam Fender), Anarchy Brewery and more.


 The future is looking bright for LN and while they have only performed as a full band a hand full of times, testimonies show how much of an impact their music, aesthetic and stage presence has on those around them. 

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