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LN Interview with NARC.

We had the incredible opportunity to chat with Cameron Wright from Narc in June 2023 ahead of their July issue. Talking about all things witchy, folk lore, vikings, stage personas and more! 

we included a photo from our latest photoshoot with the talented Shaun Donkin - he captured our vibe perfectly and it definitely added an extra dimension to the feature. 

read more to find out about our debut EP...

Viki's Gates of Hell - Hard Rock Hell Magazine 

Get to know 'LN' 

Back in February 2023, Viki Ridley, writer at HRH, got in touch with LN with the hope of completing an interview for their march edition. Of course, LN was more than happy to oblige! 

The whole idea of the interview was to get a good insight into who LN are, where they came from, their influences, their journey so far, gig dates and general aspirations for the future. 

When the issue was released, LN were ecstatic to find out they had landed a double page spread - their biggest feature to date. Being featured alongside incredibly talented artists such as Delain, Floor jansen, Within Temptation, Evanescence, Black Star Riders, Those Damn Crows and Sophie Lloyd (to name a few!) was an incredible opportunity for LN, and one they are super thankful for. 

We don't know what is in the distant future for LN, but we know it's going to be hella fucking bright! 

Screenshot 2023-01-15 at 12.55.40.png

Lonely Christmas - Single

Back in November 2022, LN wrote the song 'lonely Christmas' in aid of homelessness at Christmas time. LN said, 'It is often forgotten during the festive period that there are people on the streets, cold, hungry and vulnerable - so what better way to celebrate, than to donate the proceeds from the song to a north east homeless charity and help spread awareness of the current homeless crisis'. With that thought, LN set up a just giving page and managed to raise nearly £500 for the chosen charity. 

Not only does the song highlight LN's versatility when it comes to song writing; the poignant lyrics and melodic simplicity allow for the listener to hone in on the underlying message and brings an emotive aspect to what would normally be 'just another Christmas song'. 

"Lonely Christmas' and the story behind it was featured in Hard Rock Hell Mag as seen above as well as having it's world premiere on the HRH Breakfast Show with Adam Kennedy on 13th December 2022. The story had some major press coverage; being featured in the Northern Echo, The Chronicle and In Newcastle, allowing LN to reach a bigger audience and consequently raising the incredible donation amount. 

Screenshot 2023-01-15 at 12.52.55.png
In Newcastle

LN would like to thank everyone who has donated to the cause, for their continued support and generosity. 

LN also stated, 'it means so much to me to know there are still good people out there who want to help others and make our country a safer and supportive environment. Without the help from those people, this wouldn't have been possible. '

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